Person centred care & support tailored to meet your individual needs.

Dementia Care & Support at home is a domicilliary care agency which has been established to respond to the needs of people affected by dementia who may require some care or support while living independently at home or while living with family/carers, or who require one to one social support.

Daily or weekly services include:

  • Dementia independence support
  • 1-1 social support for hobbies,interests and clubs/groups
  • Appearance assistance/support
  • Hygiene & personal care support
  • Daily living support
  • Religious following support
  • Meal planning & cooking support
  • Community activity support
  • Medication reminders support
  • Regular respite support
  • Community group & day centre attendance support
  • Shopping/cleaning/laundry & light gardening assistance & support
  • General household tasks support
  • Caring for pets support
  • Night sitting/sleep in support
  • Emergency support
  • Telephone befriending support

Whether you need short-term support or long-term care, please phone the office on 0161 637 4217